How To Choose The Best Litter For Your Cat!


With shelf after shelf of cat litter at the local pet supply store trying to narrow the choice down to one is a dizzying task! How on earth do you choose? Which works best? Does one control odor better than others? Are any of them unhealthy? Which kind is the most dust-free? Are they environmentally friendly? And most importantly, which one will your cat use? We all know that if we make the wrong choice, we run the risk of litter box aversion!

The first decision should probably be clumping or non-clumping.

And since clumping litters have over 50% of the market, it's evident that most people like clumping best. It allows the cat waste to be removed from the box so you don't have to change all the litter as often. Clumping litter can be dusty and it may not be biodegradable. Additionally, it's more finely grained so you'll probably get more of it outside the litter box. Some vets recommend avoiding clumping litter if you have kittens. This is because kittens have a tendency (just like puppies and kids) to put everything in their mouth and clumping litter could cause a blockage. Clumping litter is also more expensive than clay litters.

Scented or unscented is your next choice.

Scented leaves your litter box and the area around it smelling better. However, cats have a very keen sense of smell, and some won't use scented litter. You'll need to figure out your cat's preference in order to make this choice.There are also natural litters made from corn, wheat, or even pine. This type of litter doesn't usually clump, has very little dust, and is usually biodegradable too.

So, is cat litter safe?

Most veterinarians consider all cat litter to be safe but do warn against eating it. Many dogs seem to enjoy eating out of the cat litter box so you may want to keep it away from any animal that is inclined to snack on it.

The best way to decipher what type of litter your cat likes is to test it. For a short time, provide your kitty with multiple boxes filled with different kinds of litter. You'll see very quickly you'll see which box your cat prefers and voila, the choice is made!

The most important thing for everyone involved .

Keep the litter box very clean. Scoop at least twice a day. Once a week change out all the litter and wash the box thoroughly. Use a litter mat around the box to cut down on litter tracked all over your house.

For cat owners, litter is a necessary part of life, but there are several companies out there trying to make it easier for us. There are many self-cleaning litter boxes on the market and even cat litter subscription services, like BoxieCat or KittyPoo Club that deliver your kitty litter right to your door.

Choose a litter that fits your budget and that your cat likes. Make sure you keep it clean to avoid any box problems!