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Will you walk my dog with other dogs?

We offer individualized care tailored to your dog(s) and your needs. When we are on your dime, we are on your time and spend it only with your dog(s). Not only do we consider this safer than grouping dogs on walks, it also allows us to work with dogs that may not do as well with dogs outside their household. So you can rest assured that we are focused solely on your dog(s) and therefore better able to handle and focus on what they want and need, even if that just means more love.

How many visits can you do in a day?

When it comes to Pet Sitting, some cats may be good with 1 visit a day but others who are either more social, or require a certain feeding or medication schedule, may require more. For most dogs, 2-3 visits a day works well. With puppies and or older dogs, a more extensive and individualized schedule can be customized to their needs. We also also overnight care if your pet isn’t used to being alone. We are always happy to do whatever will lessen any stress, and most mimic their current routine.

What if my pet is shy, fearful, reactive or just anti-social?

After our initial phone consultation, we will set up a time to meet your fur kids to assess their needs. Please always be upfront about anything from your pet’s past so that we know what we are working with, whether they often hide under the bed, or have even bit someone. The latter does not mean we will turn you away, it just may mean we need to take our time in getting to know your pet prior to your leaving. We will always do what is best to keep your pet safe and if we can’t help you, we will make an alternate recommendation.

Are you insured

Yes, we are a member of, and fully insured and bonded through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC.

What areas do you service?

All of 78701, 78744, 78704 and 78745. Parts of 78702, 78703, 78735, 78741, 78746, 78748 and 78749. If you are outside our service area, feel free to still inquire. Visits will incur a mileage fee, or we will do our best to refer you to someone in your area as we do know some very capable friendly competition.

Can you drop off or pick up my pet?

Yes, we take pets to the groomers and the vet, and pick them up from daycare or boarding. Flight getting in later than the boarding place is open? We can have your fur kid(s) waiting for you when you arrive home.

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