This is an in your home service that can care for your dog, cat, bird, reptile or other exotic pet.

Pet sitting visits start at $23 for 30 minutes and include feeding, fresh water, a potty break for dogs, playtime and lots of love. We are happy to extend time frames to 45 min, 60 min or any length that will keep you and your pet happy. We also offer in your home overnight care.


Dog Walking

We feel that if you are paying for your dog(s) to be walked,they deserve our undivided attention as this ensures their safety. We also offer dog adventures where we actually take your dog(s) outside of their neighborhood, whether the park, the greenbelt or even to a big fenced yard where dogs that aren’t good off leash can safety run around and play. Adventures include time and mileage and are custom based on your request.

Visits start at $23 for 30 minutes with discounts for multiple walks within the same week.



Want to go for a ride? We are happy to transport your pet from the groomer, the vet, the boarding facility or wherever else your fur kid needs to go or come home from. We know how wonderful it is to arrive home to your always happy to see you fur friend. Transport visits start at $25 which includes 30 minutes of travel time


Medical Care

This includes administering of oral medication, injections and can be added to any visit. Please inquire for more information and rates.