Cats: Facts Not Fiction!


Here is a collection of "facts" about our beloved felines. How many do you know?

  • The Turkish Angora often wades or goes swimming. American Shorthair, Maine Coon, and Bobtails are breeds that often enjoy the water too.

  • Just like dogs, chocolate will make your cat sick.

  • Most calico cats are female; the coloration gene is on the female (x) chromosome.

  • Your kitty can't taste anything sweet (it's a genetic thing).

  • Cats sweat through their paws! They also pant just like dogs.

  • Cats spend about 70% of their lives "catnapping," this is entirely natural!

  • Cats don't have collarbones; this allows a big cat to fit in a small space.

  • Do you know the proper terms for a group of cats or kittens? A group of cats is called a clowder (who knew?). A group of kittens is called a kindle.

  • Your kitty’s nose print is as individual as human fingerprints.

  • Most cats love catnip; this includes lions and tigers (oh my!).

  • The world's most wealthy cat? Japan's Hello Kitty who has earned over 1 billion dollars in sales and royalties.

  • Cat's have a dominant paw, is your kitty right-pawed or left-pawed?

  • Believe it or not, a cat has been a mayor of an American town. The folks of Talkeetna, Alaska choose Stubbs as their mayor in 1997. Ok, his job was an honorary one but 30 - 40 people a day came by to visit Stubbs!

  • Australia, Japan, and the U.K. all consider black cats to be lucky charms!

  • Cats have 230 bones in their bodies - humans have 206.

  • Purring is useful! A cat's purr is in a frequency range of 25 - 150 Hertz. This sound range can promote healing and increase bone density!

  • Cats spend about half their awake time grooming.

  • Humans shake hands when we meet another person; cats greet each other by touching noses.

  • There are about 73 million cats in North American homes and only 63 million dogs!

The fact of the matter is cats are captivating. What is unique about your kitty?